The Story behind Little Cups of Happy

The Story behind Little Cups of Happy

 I started drinking coffee in high school, I remember always sitting down at the dining room table with my dad and enjoying a cup together after church. His coffee was alway black but occasionally he would add a splash of creamer, which was how I enjoyed mine. 

He had one of those fancy Saeco barista machines where, with the press of a button, the best cup of coffee would pour out. Maybe I’m biased but I still think it makes the best cup of coffee to this day.

It was on these days, that I began to learn to cherish and enjoy these little moments. I found myself looking forward to these times as I grew older. Sitting and chatting over coffee became a tradition with not just family but my closest friends as well.

Fast forward to post college and just before Covid hit, I began to experience a desire to travel and explore more places around where I lived.

In college, I was a business/marketing major. Most of my classes were centered around the idea of starting and owning a business. The biggest lesson my Entrepreneur professor taught me was ‘how are you going to bring value to those around you’ and that stuck with me.

Eventually, I lost my career dream job in corporate marketing due to the Pandemic and I found myself with a lot of time on my hands. I realized it was the perfect moment to combine my passions for coffee, adventures and cherishing the little moments in life, no matter what they may be.

So, Little Cups of Happy was born. The ultimate dream is traveling the United States while selling coffee out of a renovated teardrop trailer.

But for now I want to inspire others to find little moments in life that make them happy and fill up their cup. So, what started as a a dream on my bucket list discussed over a cup of java turned into my biggest adventure.

Coffee is my motivation and inspiration. Coffee has been there all along this learning process and experience.

I drink coffee every morning, it not only reminds me to work hard and chase my dreams, but it's also my drink of choice when I’m on a road trip or with a girl friend catching up on life.

I want to bring value to other by helping them find moments in life that make them happy, one cup of coffee at a time.

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Michaela, congratulations and prayers for a successful business! We are so proud of you!
Miss and Love you, Aunt Jill and Uncle Luke

Jill Short

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