Travel with me & coffee — The Human Bean Coffee [Mohave Valley, AZ]


For this weekends adventure, I was back in Mohave Valley, Arizona. I’ve written about this place before, however, this time I was here to help my father with some business and decided to make a girls trip on top of it.


While driving along highway 95, the @thehumanbeancoffee caught my attention as there seemed to be so many along this highway. My travel buddy and I decided it was a must try. If there are a hand full of locations along the same highway, it must be decent, right?!  And as always first the coffee, then the adventures. 

I ordered a vanilla mocha iced coffee and honestly, it was a very pleasant drink! Not too sweet, just the right amount of caffeine so it was not too overpowering. The nice thing I noticed about the menu was the simplicity of the drinks available. There was just enough to have a good variety, but not too many that it was overwhelming to order if you were unfamiliar with the brand.  

The Human Bean Coffee

The location was convenient; just right off the highway, no need to even get out of your car. Drive through or walk up available, either way the staff was friendly and ready to serve you. We also grabbed one of their personalized stickers to commemorate our coffee adventure. They were sooo cute!

The human bean coffee sticker


After we got our coffee, we headed off to Oatman, a small, hidden mountain town about 20 minutes outside of Mohave Valley, just off historic Route 66. You would never even know it was there! It’s a cute, quaint tourist town filled with wild donkeys, food, shops and even a Wild West gun show. We walked around, checked out the shops and eventually decided to buy some beautiful handmade jewelry. The jewelry we picked out contained stunning opals imported all the way from Australia. When the sun hits them just right, they glisten magically! 


After our day of walking around Oatman, we decided to head back into the Mohave Valley and grab some food. The local Mexican restaurant was a perfect choice to indulge in some delicious food and margaritas. We were so full afterwards we could barely move.

Mexican Food


As the sun was beginning to set, we headed out to the Colorado River to check it out for our following day festivities. We made it to the river and would you believe it, I got the car stuck in the sand! Talk about a great way to end a day of adventure. After an embarrassing call to my uncle to come save us, we finally got our car pulled from the dirt and headed back to my family’s house.


Tire stuck in dirt


To finish off the night, we hit up the hot tub with some sangria. Nothing like a great day of exploring! Don’t forget to always look for your little cups of happy, and that all great adventures begin with coffee! 


Stay Adventurous,

Michaela Bernadette  

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