My Amazon Finds

Looking for items mentioned in my TikTok Videos? 

I am going to link them all here for you! 

Travel Finds: 

This Travel Backpack is a must! I don't just use it for travel, its also the perfect bag to take to work. The amount of space it has to hold things was one of the reasons I purchased it. 


One of the worst parts about traveling for me is always feeling like I am going to loose one of my important identification documents like my passport or ID. This Wallet came in so handy! I could keep all my cards, together in one spot! 


Room Decor: 

Vinyl Record Floating Shelves - these have been amazing in helping me decorate my room especially after getting an old Vintage record player. It has been one of my new favorite parts about my bedroom and honestly I love being able to display my current favorite records. 


This item completely re-vamped my room and made it feel so cute and cozy. It does not come with a light bulb so make sure you purchase one separate. 


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