Travel with Me & Coffee — Le Pain Quotidien [Los Angeles, CA]

Travel with Me & Coffee — Le Pain Quotidien [Los Angeles, CA]

How much coffee would you say is too much coffee? I’d say I’ve master the at home iced latte since this quarantine started, but there is just something about driving to a coffee shop and ordering a cup that just hits different.

Each shop you go to has a different vibe, a different coffee taste, or a different way they serve their coffee, each place offering a unique atmosphere.


Coffee with WaffleThis adventures was on one of my many visits up to Los Angeles to visit a friend, I had the pleasure of stoping in to a coffee shop cafe called Le Pain Quotidien for breakfast. My friend wanted to show it to me, as she had already been to a location in NYC and wanted to share the experience with me. It is definitely a gram worthy experience. What stick out to me most was the rustic farm house feel and look, it was a very relaxed environment were there were many people working on their computers, or chatting away.




The cafe itself is definitely cute and quaint, but what stuck out to me most was the

Latte rustic farmhouse look and feel. After doing some research on the history of the place, it seem that this is the feel they were going with, keeping with the tradition and origin of the cafe. Having wooden tables and benches in honor of the orignial cafe. The translation means “the daily bread”. It's the idea of bread being a way of life, and the shop a way for people to come to gather and enjoy quality time with one another while the smell of bread is in the background. The Le Pain Quotidien believes that community is what nurtures, inspires and feeds the soul. Their tables are where friends can re-connect, and new friendships can begin.

Although the portion sizes seemed small, the coffee was not. I was so surprised they brought out my latte in what was basically a soup bowl. They did not shy away on that one! I ordered the waffle with berries, and it was delicious, I highly recommend it. It was almost like they sprinkled brown sugar over the top while it was still hot and every bite you got a little bit of crunch from the melted and hardened sugar. The latte did not dissapoint either. I typically enjoy my lattes in a why where you can still have a decent coffee taste, and the added milk/ flavor is not too over powering. I'd say it was almost perfect, it was just the right blend of rustic coffee taste and smooth frothy milk! 

So, if you happen to come across a Le Pain Quotidien, be sure to stop in and experience it for yourself! Remember, life is all about finding the little things that make you happy!

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