A trip to San Diego -- Portal Coffee Shop

A trip to San Diego -- Portal Coffee Shop

Trips to San Diego are never complete without a stop to discover a new local coffee shop. I recently took a short trip back to San Diego to visit my family and see some old friends. I was staying in the heart of downtown, and you better believe that it is a hub for coffee shops. There were so many to choose from, but after some deliberation, Portal Coffee was the place we decided to check out.

With COVID still keeping most of the restaurants on limited capacity, outdoor seating was the move for this shop. However, we did not mind. It was a cool morning which would soon be followed by the heat of the San Diego summer. The outdoor seating area was the perfect spot to just sit and enjoy the morning. There were even quite a few pupper dogs with their owners.

We ordered our coffee from the window they had set up and waited for our drinks to be made. Once we got out drinks, we took a short walk down to the water, to enjoy the view of the ocean with the many different boats docked in the harbor.

 All in all, if you are ever in the downtown San Diego area and are looking to get a cup of coffee, check out Portal Coffee. It did not disappoint!

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